Community Rescue Mission

Clothes for the Homeless

The Community Rescue Mission becomes a great place for you to recycle your old clothing and other items. From children to adults we are able to give your old items to the homeless and poor. We don't sell your stuff! You can also receive a contribution statement from us for the donation. When it comes to your closet or attic we can put clothing, furniture, books, toys and other items in the new homes of people that we help find housing or come to us without anything. We don't charge or sell your items. We believe freely we have received therefore freely give. If you need to schedule a pick up you can by calling us at 479.782.1443 we would be glad to arrange this for you. Let's work together to give. And remember what you may feel is worn out or useless still has life and potential for a person who has nothing. Let us be your Charity of Choice for the needy. If you have any questions about this please feel free to email me at: Let's give our clothing for the poor!

Together we can share and strengthen another person by our contributions!