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Homeless Awareness

Community Rescue Mission 2016 Statistics

The following is the number of men, women, and children we have sheltered and the amount of nights they have stayed in 2016.

   Amount  Nights
 Men  644  10,574
 Women  385  5,058
 Children  228  3,434
 Totals  1,257  19,070

Homeless Protection Awareness

If you are homeless or you know someone who is homeless and needs help or you feel has been mistreated in our community then we want to know. Please let us know so we can keep track of these incidents in our community and try to help create awareness when and where possible. We also want to help people living in unsuitable conditions. We will do our best to find immediate care for them. We care for people and are committed to the welfare of the poor and homeless in our area receiving care. We believe the homeless should be respected as humans, citizens of our nation, and in Christian love. 

If you know of someone who is homeless that needs help please let us know. It is because of our community partnerships that we can help!

We are committed to the care of each person. You can email this to:

They served our Country now it is time for our Country to serve them.

Summertime can be a stressful time on the homeless.  We have provided a list of suggestions to help ease the discomfort and problems of the homeless.

Bottled water



poison ivy medication

bug spray




lanterns(battery operated)


sleeping bags








light pants 



Click the link below to make an easy, one-time contribution
to your homeless neighbors