Instilling Hope; Empowering Lives
Mission Statement and Services

Our Mission
To provide a safe, Christian environment for anyone or any family that needs help. To provide for immediate needs of food and shelter first, then offer guidance with Christian principles for help in other areas.

Our Vision

Creating a compassionate culture to successfully end homelessness and its recidivism, generational poverty and chronic hunger that affects our region.

The Community Rescue Mission is a faith-based Christian mission serving our community. 

"For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
 I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
 I was a stranger and you invited me in,
 I needed clothes and you clothed me,
 I was sick and you looked after me,
 I was in prison and you came to visit me"

Matthew 25:35

Our Mission is committed to helping the homeless find solutions to their needs. If it is shelter for several nights, food, clothing, doctor's appointments, transportation, restoring identification cards or social security. We are committed to serving the community and using the charity provided to us by the community. We are a true community partner in helping the hopeless find Rest, Peace, Hope and Love. It is also our goal that no one experiencing homelessness be without food or shelter. We believe in assisting individuals find Hope, Housing and Health. If individuals are sick we connect them with the care they need, if they need shelter we try to find them housing in the community, if they are employable then we seek jobs for them. Homelessness effects many people in our community and we do our best to help those individuals find what they need to be strengthened and socially connected. We are committed to serving the poor and needy in our city.

"Where the Heart of the City is, there you will find the Homeless" You may want to consider supporting this Christian cause in your community. Our mission is to help people get on the right track in life and end the homeless cycle.


The Community Rescue Mission started with one family sleeping in Creekmore Park in Fort Smith. Help came through the form of one Christian businessman considering the homeless in harsh winter conditions, and another individual who was willing to serve the poor.  The current property where the Community Rescue Mission has been established was purchased from the West Side Baptist Church. Through much work the church was converted into the Community Rescue Mission in 1981. The Community Rescue Mission was founded with a faith in God that transcends to those it helps. The mission consists of a chapel, called Hope Chapel, family section, men's dormitory, dining facility, laundry facility, day room, and showers for the homeless. It can currently house up to 70 people. Our chapel is called Hope Chapel, offering hope to the homeless through the local churches that provide services there.

Board of Directors

Our Current Board of Directors consist of churches from the local community. They are Evangel Temple, East Side Baptist, First Lutheran, First Presbyterian, First United Methodist, Goddard Methodist, Harvest Time Tabernacle, South Side Baptist, St. George & Alexandra, St. Johns Episcopal, St. Luke Lutheran, St. Paul United Methodist, Wesley United Methodist, and West-Ark Church of Christ. These churches have committed their time and resources to assist the homeless and poor in the community. They also see the value of the mission as a referral for those seeking shelter funds or food from their churches.