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What Does The Community Rescue Mission Mean To Me?

"I have truly been blessed by everyone here.  God has carried me here to reunite me in faith, hope, honesty, peace, and love.  God has opened my eyes and humbled me."  TM, resident age 50
I was so scared, when I came to the Mission.  The Mission saved my life, and helped me look to God to save my soul.  You have truly helped us take a step forward."  EH, resident age29

"I am very thankful for the roof over my head and the bed to sleep in.  Being here has given me the time to think about what I need to do and be in life.  The Mission has given me the opportunity to set myself free of some of the negativity in my life.  I am so grateful for what the Mission has given me."  KP, resident age 56

"The Mission is a safe haven to cope with all of my problems and transform them with solution; and better myself as a mom.  The staff treats us with respect, not as inferiors.  I never feel 'talked at' or 'talked down to.'  The Mission is definitely not just a place to sleep, eat, and shower.  Thanks for helping me step up the ladder, instead of shaking it while I climb!"  TD, resident age 29
"The Mission has given me a chance to start again, but this time I feel I can achieve more than I ever though possible.  I have set several goals since arriving here at The Mission: 1) Get my Indian Card, 2) Learn to read and write better, 3) Find affordable housing.  Because of The Mission, and its staff, I feel I can achieve these goals with the Lord's help!"  JC, resident age 53

"I came here scared to death, because I have never been homeless, and did not know what to expect.  I believe God brought me here.  The staff and volunteers here are amazing.  With other residents, we are an adopted family so to speak.  We take care of each other as best we can.  I have never felt such overwhelming love in a community.  Thank you for your love and support of Community Rescue Mission."  KH, resident age 41

"Had if not been for the Mission I would have had to go back to a bad situation, but now I have a good safe place with food.  This experience makes me want to do for others because I have been blessed by finding this place."  MV, resident age 33

"At my lowest time, I found loving, accepting, caring people who welcomed me in with encouragement.  They gave me hope and brought me closer to God."  SC, resident age 30